Friday, February 25, 2011

My Favorite Movie Kiss

This is a completely random post that I've been thinking about lately and decided to just throw it out there to get it out of my brain.

There are a lot of great movie kisses and there are a lot of lists that tell you which ones are the good ones. And this one probably doesn't rate on anyone else's list...but it's my favorite.

It's from the movie, Penelope.

This movie is a cute little romance that I enjoyed a lot more than I thought I would.

If you've never seen it, it's about a wealthy young woman (Penelope, played by Christina Ricci) who is born with a pig nose. The curse on her family says that it can be lifted if she is loved by "one of her own"--her mother thinks this means she has to marry a man of noble birth and stages elaborate meetings hoping to find one that doesn't run screaming when he sees the pig-girl.

Along the way there is a case of mistaken identity involving a poor piano-player, Johnny (played by James McAvoy), who falls in love with Penelope but leaves when he realizes she needs someone of noble birth.

The curse is eventually lifted, Penelope discovers that Johnny is not who they thought he was, and she goes to find him.

While she's talking, Johnny starts to suspect that she is the real Penelope, the girl he fell in love with but thought he couldn't have. And when he realizes that it really is her, he can't help himself, he just has to kiss her. I love the moment when he grabs her arm and goes for it. It's so sweet and passionate. Plus James McAvoy is a hottie. 

I hope you enjoyed this detour, what's your favorite movie kiss?

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  1. AAAANNNNNNND "Wednesday" is a hottie. There, i said it.....