Wednesday, August 10, 2011

We Live Right So We Can LIVE! Right?

I didn't have a great photographer lol.
I recently had the opportunity to go ice skating. I've been ice skating twice before--in high school and in my mid-20's. Both times I had a good time but I was slow and clumsy and fell a lot.

Now, at age 35, I weigh considerably more than I did either of those two times. But, I am in so much better shape.

It took me a couple of laps to get the hang of it, and I wobbled a bit here and there, but I never fell down. As I was sailing around one lap, I realized this is why we should be eating right and exercising. Not to lose weight, not to just be healthier, but to be able to get out there and live our lives!

Almost two years of Pilates has greatly increased my balance and all these spin classes are certainly strengthening my legs. So I was able to try something (semi-) new and be pretty good at it.

I had so much fun...and isn't that what life should be about?


  1. Truer words never spoken! Since getting my healthy act together I've run two 10K races, started training for a half marathon, gone hiking and tried indoor rock climbing (twice)! I also have plans to go zip lining (whatever that is) with a friend. I never, ever would've considered any of these activities before.

    I may have to put ice skating on my list, too!