Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Dollhouse

Netflix informed me recently that Dollhouse: Season 2 is now available for instant viewing so I'm working my way back through Season 1.

Whenever I watch Dollhouse (or The Matrix, or any other show dealing with 'altered reality') I start thinking about the debate over whether or not such a thing is morally ok.

My views?

Your perception is your reality. Think about it, you know there's no difference between a 60° day in February or one in August. But one makes you break out the t-shirts while the other has you looking for a jacket. It's our perception of the reality.

So...whatever the reality is that I'm perceiving, whether it's actually 'real' or not, I'm ok with that. If I'm 'programmed' to like everything in my world then I'm gonna be a pretty happy monkey, aren't I?

I'm fairly certain I'm not being programmed in the Dollhouse or living in the Matrix, but this still applies to everyday life.

When someone cuts me off in traffic or a checkout lane, I have a choice. I can choose to perceive this action as aggressive and get upset. Or I can perceive it as oh look someone is having a bad day or is distracted and didn't see me and don't I get like that sometimes?

I may not be able to change my reality, but I can choose how to perceive it....because, after all, your perception is your reality.

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  1. That's so true!! I'm guilty of seeing things as negative and getting upset all the time, especially when I'm driving. Sometimes makes me wish we were programmed because I feel like I need to be rebooted at times haha.