Thursday, December 30, 2010

What does 'fat' mean anyway?

Conversation on Twitter last night:
Someone Else: who's watching I used to be fat??
Me: Every single day. In the mirror. ;)
SE: Cant wait till I get there!
Me: Start with the spinoff, I used to be fatter. ;)
SE: did you just call me fat?! lol

I really wasn't and I'm pretty sure he knew it. But it got me thinking about what 'fat' means, anyway. It really is more of a state of mind than a physical state of being.

When I was on my weight 'upswing' and hit a size 10-12, I considered myself 'fat' even though a lot of healthy, nice-looking women are that size and I would never consider them fat. But I was because not that long ago I was a size 4-6. Now, after dropping from a 16-18, this size 10 is feeling pretty darn skinny!

Fat and skinny are words like hot and cold...they don't really mean anything by themselves, they're just comparisons to other things. Right now, even though I'm still working towards new weight-loss goals, I'm feeling oh-so-skinny compared to where I was a year ago. And that makes me feel oh-so-good.

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