Sunday, January 9, 2011


If you've never seen Torchwood, go watch it.

If you've never seen Torchwood: Children of Earth, go watch it.

Because here be spoilers....

This is my opinion of the last season of Torchwood--whether it went too far with the killing off of main characters, and whether or not Ianto Jones (Gareth David-Lloyd) should be somehow miraculously revived.

Torchwood began with a central cast of 5--Jack, Gwen, Owen, Tosh, and Ianto (and maybe Rhys). Three short seasons later, we're down to Jack and Gwen (and maybe Rhys). When Owen and Tosh died, I kind of liked it. Not that I didn't love their characters and would've been happy to see them live, I just like shows that aren't afraid to kill the main characters. I like not knowing if someone is going to be back next week or not.

After watching Children of Earth, I thought the show had gone too far and might not be able to recover. But the more I thought about it, the more I was ok with it. Why? Jack.

When you first think about being immortal, it might sound great. But then think about everyone around you dying, over and over and over again.

The worst part of Jack's existence is that he continually loses the people that he's close to. But he keeps going, keeps making friends and lovers. And now, rather then just hear him talk about his wife, or Estelle, we get to experience his pain when he loses Ianto. When this is followed by the loss of his grandson and alienation of his daughter, he has to run from the pain and the memories on Earth.

So now I'm looking forward to seeing what could be so bad on Earth that it brings him back. Because underneath the pain of being alone is the drive to help humans and aliens alike. I want to see him grieve and move on. And this couldn't happen if Ianto is brought back.

And really, how would they do it? The aliens that made the immortality glove had 3 hands? And isn't wanting him back a bit of a slap to Owen and Tosh? Bringing Owen back would really be a feat since he basically dissolved in radiation.

So, yeah, I'm ok with people dying and staying dead.

My biggest concern about the new season is Gwen and Rhys's baby. Can you really work for Torchwood with a kid at home? I guess we'll see.


  1. Awesome post, well written! Being a "nice guy, big teddy bear", I identified with Rhys. Felt bad for the bloke especially since I have had to deal with the same issues.
    Sure, he may need to "spice things up", but that's life sadly.
    Hang in there Rhys!

    Cheers! Nyrhalahotep

  2. Nice to meet someone else approaching the new Torchwood with an open mind. Personally I hope the show continues to move on and reinvent itself.

    Also nice to meet an opinion which goes beyond 'I love Ianto/I hate Gwen, the new show will be a travesty without him/focussed on her'...


  3. I never considered Ianto vs. Gwen until I read some of the comments on Nyrhalahotep's blog. I usually try to approach every new show/season with a willingness to see where it will take me!

  4. I loved Children of Earth. I loved Ianto as a character, but I don't really want him to come back, just because I fear the show might take too many liberties if just anyone can come back from the grave. I love Jack and have loved him ever since Doctor Who Season 1. I'm really happy to see his character evolve and for Reese to become a front player.