Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 1 continued...

This morning I had time to read facebook, twitter, the usual webcomics and blogs, blog a little myself, watch 3 episodes of Battlestar Galactica, talk to a few other-time-zone friends, take a nice long shower and still get to work early and not-rushed. I am loving the extra time!

My 7:30 nap didn't go great but it was ok. I'm sure I'll get better at passing out quickly as my body adjusts.

I am going to adjust my schedule though so it works for me now and will still work when my schedule changes for Spring semester. I'm going to switch to a 1.5 core at 2am + 4 naps at 7:30, 12:30, 5, and 9:30.

I also need to get my food intake back on track so I'm going to plan a meal after each sleep period except for the 5pm...I'll need to eat around 4 so that I can get back to the Y for the 5:30 classes.

As always, I'm a work-in-progress.

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