Monday, October 18, 2010

just geek - Doctor Who

Today I decided to write about what has become my favorite tv series--Doctor Who.

Several months ago I was sick with a massive allergy attack (sinus/ear infection, hives, etc.) and I discovered Doctor Who on Netflix. I spent about a week with the Doctor and was hooked...even while not under the influence of medication.

The Doctor Who series ran on the BBC from 1963-1989 with 8 different incarnations of the Doctor. The series was revived in 2005 with Christopher Eccleston playing the ninth Doctor and this is where I started watching it.

I seriously love everything about this series. The actors, the accents, the storylines, the dialogue, the accents, the aliens, the technology...did I mention the accents? Every episode has me laughing and a couple have made me cry. They also frequently visit the question, does the good of the many always outweigh the good of the one? Is there a sacrifice too great, even for the protection of the entire human race?

I have watched every episode featuring the ninth and tenth (David Tennant) Doctors and so far...
-my favorite doctor is David Tennant
-my favorite companion is Donna (Catherine Tate) even though I love the Doctor/Rose romance
-I don't have a favorite episode but I also don't have a least favorite episode. I love them all!
-one of my favorite quotes is 'are you my mummy?' (especially when #10 says it in The Poison Sky)

I recently requested the original series from Netflix and I'm working my way through season 1. So far I'm not terribly impressed but I like getting back-story so I'll probably keep it up.

I'm also looking forward to when I can get the new episodes with Matt Smith playing the eleventh Doctor.

Even if you're not a sci-fi junkie I recommend this series if you like some action, witty dialogue, and very little drama. Plus the aliens are pretty cool.

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