Wednesday, October 13, 2010

More Fit, Less Geek

All summer I was in a great routine, morning classes at the YMCA, evenings watching sci-fi on Netflix.

Then the school year started and I went back to work in the mornings. Now I'm getting less fit and more geek. (Skipping evening classes at the Y to watch Doctor Who. And Torchwood. And get the picture.)

I need to find my balance again. So I'm thinking about my new routine ... when I get home from work, I change clothes and sit at the computer to work on one of my other jobs and for some reason it is VERY difficult for me to get back out of the house. Even for Zumba, which I LOVE. So there's the problem...I don't like getting out of the house again after I'm home.

Unfortunately, the Y doesn't have classes midday when I'm getting off work. Fortunately, I know how to run. :)

So today I packed my clothes and shoes and I'm going to the park to run after work.

Are you in a routine that is not contributing to a healthier you? Step back and see where your problem areas are and try to work around them. Get creative, it CAN be done!

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